Azerbaijani political emigrant abducted in Paris?

Azerbaijani political emigrant abducted in Paris?
On Saturday afternoon, April 25, in Paris on the way to the police, the emigrant from Azerbaijan Rafael Piriyev disappeared without a trace and to this day, no one knows his whereabouts.

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Over the past two days, all attempts by relatives and friends to find out where R. Piriyev is located have not yielded any results. The last thing Piriyev managed to tell by phone was that he was going to the police and that some strangers were watching him in the car. After that, communication with him was interrupted. It was not possible to contact him anymore and his mobile phone was disconnected ….

Prior to this, a few days ago, on blogger’s social networks on the Internet, Orkhan Agayev, a video was made that was secretly made by Rafael Piriyev while trying to recruit him in favor of the Azerbaijani special services, citizen Kerimov Akif.

This is the same Akif Kerimov whom Elshad Abdullayev had once hired for the commission of the murder of people not pleasing to him for 50 thousand euros (the police are investigating this fact).

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It was about the video recordings that Rafael Piriyev was called to the police of the city of Paris on Saturday to give detailed testimonies. However, it is not known now whether he managed to safely get to the police …….
According to the information received from the police of the city of Paris, they are dealing with this issue and will additionally report on its results.

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