“Moles” of the Iranian ayatullah and Russian FSB : agents were sent to Europe under the guise of refugees

The photo shows the “top” of the Russian Internal Intelligence Service of the FSB, this picture was taken in late 2008 and early 2013 after the strategy meeting in the former KGB sanatorium near Moscow

Colonel of the Russian FSB Ramin Nagiyev20770470_1774940896130877_6961533559783940473_n

Russian FSB agent  hides in Europe

“Igor” – this name is a character in the movie Koch – was the head of the department and the colonel of the FSB, responsible for controlling the opposition in the North Caucasus, the Muslim region of the Russian Federation. Under his leadership were 50 employees and 400 spies. According to Igor, despite the fact that his department was in the service of internal intelligence, his employees took part in operations abroad.
The agent claims that the FSB facilitated the penetration of Muslim spies into Holland and France, as well as into other European countries. Igor says that he was also assigned a certain responsibility:

Agent of the Iranian special services Atakhan Abilov

“If I were the head of the French or Holland Constitutional Office, I would tell my staff that they paid much more attention to the refugees from Azerbaijan who came to the country as refugees and now live in a modest and inconspicuous manner. For some of these fake refugees, we fabricated the documents.
My department was involved in this. We made fake certificates about the existence of a criminal record, about police investigations, and so on, so that they could get asylum in the West. So they could provide proof that they are victims of political persecution. “One of them sometimes with his facebook open criticizes about seperatism


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