WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: The woman is whipped five times in front of a heckling crowd before she collapses on stage and is taken away by paramedics
Rare and disturbing footage has captured the moment a woman screams in pain as she’s lashed across the back during a brutal Sharia law punishment.

The woman is whipped five times before she collapses on a stage in front of a heckling crowd.

Dozens of onlookers appear to have gathered to watch the woman’s punishment, with some filming the event on their phones.

It is not clear why the woman is being publicly punished

As the woman kneels on stage stage wearing a pink headdress, a masked man stands behind her with a cane in his hand.

He then draws back his weapon and hits the woman across the shoulders, causing her to cry out in pain and grab her back with her hands.

The masked man repeats this four more times as the crowd cheer loudly.

But as he gets to the fifth blow, the woman collapses on the stage, and is swiftly carried away by a group of paramedics.

It is not clear whether the woman suffered injuries as a result of her punishment, or where the harrowing footage was recorded.

Sharia law is the religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition and is particularly strict, especially for women.

It states that a woman can have one husband, while a man is entitled to have four wives.

Males are also allowed to beat their wives for ‘insubordination’ and must give their consent in a woman wishes to divorce.

Women are not allowed to drive cars, and cannot speak to men alone, unless it is their husband or relative


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