Social media site takes down Avi Yemini’s video calling people ‘blind or stupid’ if they didn’t see the connection between Islam and terror

Facebook has removed a video of an ex-IDF soldier who connected Islam to terrorism in the wake of the London Bridge atrocity that left seven people dead.

Avi Yemini, founder of IDF Training, the largest Krav Maga training centre in Australia, uploaded a live video arguing a clear connection between the two, saying those who can’t see it are “stupid”.

The Sun newspaper reports that following its removal, Yemini retaliated with a Facebook video response, declaring “lefties” were responsible.

He also disclosed how a number of his accounts have been closed by Facebook, saying: “The funny thing is if I was an Islamist, there would be no problem with anything I say. I actually didn’t say anything too controversial.”

In his parting message, Yemini reached out to his followers for help in his mission to send the “lefties” at Facebook a strong message concerning censorship.

He said: “Something seems a little bit off here … I’m very careful about choosing my words in a way that it doesn’t go against their terms and conditions.”

“I want to get a few thousand followers tonight just to show these lefties that when you try to silence us, when you try to shut us up, we only get louder”.


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